FGI “racing”energy storage

FGI “racing”energy storage
Fri 07, 2022

FGI “racing”energy storage

  What does an excellent energy storage system look like? Shandong Xinfengguang (hereinafter referred to as "FGI"), located in Jining, Shandong Province, asked the question to the energy storage industry.
  On July 20, 2022 GaoGong Energy Storage toured into FGI, and communicated with deputy general manager An Shoubing, marketing product director Shi Guangbao, on the basic situation of the company, energy storage development planning and industry promotion difficulties.
  FGI is a national high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales and service of power electronic energy-saving control technology and related products under the world's top 500 enterprise-Shandong Energy Group, which has achieved continuous growth since its listing on the Science and Technology Board.

  Now, with its more than 30 years of technical precipitation in the power electronics industry and brand resources in the energy industry, FGI is striding into the energy storage market and has developed a variety of high and low voltage energy storage system integration and PCS and other products.
  PCS is the core competitiveness of FGI into energy storage and system integration is an important expansion on this basis.An Shoubing, deputy general manager of FGI, said, "First practice the 3S internal strength of energy storage, to obtain technical advantage, is the basis of an excellent system integrator. It is the prerequisite and guarantee to make efforts in the energy storage market."

  The layout of FGI in terms of energy storage system includes: grid connected products of 6kV-35kV high-voltage direct mounted Fed energy system, DC 1000V and 1500V low-voltage energy storage grid connected products (isolated three-phase energy storage converter, non isolated three-phase energy storage converter, outdoor energy storage converter, energy storage converter and booster integrated machine). The maximum power of the energy storage system can reach 100MW, as well as special energy storage products for rail transit. It is reported that at present, many projects on the power generation side, power grid side and user side have been launched in FGI.


  "Let the device achieve the ultimate, "this is An Shoubing talked about the concept of energy storage products. Therefore, with its headquarters in Jining, FGI has set up its grid-connected research center and marketing center in Jinan, and has recently set up a subsidiary in Suzhou to lay out the system development of driving products. Energy storage will be the key of direction for research and development, and more energy storage series products will be launched in the future.
  It is worth mentioning that in the company's strategic blueprint, energy storage has become an important new strategic point.In the future, FGI will play its deep foundation and good brand influence in traditional industrial and new energy fields, strengthen the development and research of new energy storage products, and accumulate and expand its own highly advantageous products and market base in the process of energy storage market scale, and build its core competitiveness in new energy and energy storage, smart mine and other fields.

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