Energy-saving action for the prosperous future

Energy-saving action for the prosperous future
Tue 03, 2022

Energy-saving action for the prosperous future

  Earth hour is a global energy-saving activity proposed by WWF to fight global climate change. It advocates that families and businesses turn off unnecessary lights and electrical appliances for one hour to show their support for climate change action at 20:30 pm local time on the last Saturday of March every year(earth hour is March 26 at 20:30).
  This is a global activity invocated by WWF that spread all over the world quickly after it started in Sydney in 2007,with everyone coming to participate today.


  In this hour, we can turn off the lights to reduce unnecessary energy consumption; We can talk with our family in the dark which can bring us close with happiness.  We can think about the warnings given by the epidemic and strengthen personal protection; We can stay away from electronic equipment and get in touch with nature for one hour; In this hour, we can also think about how to save electricity and energy in the future.

  Smart energy storage, a conversion to connect the future

1.Storable electricity:
We can store the electricity if consumption is low and release it if necessary. FGI not only provides a low-voltage smart energy storage system with flexible capacity configuration, but also provides a high-voltage cascade smart energy storage system with large capacity and high safety, which can widely meet the various needs of power generation side, power grid side and user side, contributing to the national "double carbon" goal.

2.Regenerative electricity:
Have you ever thought that the energy generated by the braking of the roaring subway is also a kind of available energy? The rail transit regenerative braking energy absorption device independently developed by FGI can absorb the electric energy generated during the braking of metro vehicles, Then feed the regenerative electric energy back to the power grid or reused by the electromechanical equipment in the station, which can reduce energy consumption and let the subway “self-produce and self-use”

3.Less electricity:
In our daily life, we can turn off household appliances to reduce energy consumption, but casual power failure for industrial equipment is not acceptable. The seventh-generation inverter series products developed by FGI can match the best operating power for the motor through self-developed algorithms, it can improve working efficiency of motor to achieve maximum power saving without effecting production technology.    

4.Better electricity:
In the past, tripping for power failure often occurred in life which would cause equipment damage. This is caused by power grid fluctuation, which will bring great negative economic benefits. Improving power quality and using power well is also a way to save social energy. FGI has mature SVG products. The research and development of dynamic reactive power compensation and harmonic control device (SVG) started in 2006, and it is one of the earliest R & D manufacturers in China. FGSVG series products can enhance power transmission capacity, reduce power loss, compensate reactive power, control harmonics, suppress flicker, stabilize grid voltage, balance three-phase system, change damping characteristics of system, and improve system stability. FGI contributes its own strength to ensure high-quality electricity.

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